• How long does it take to make a paddle? It takes 5 to 7 business days

  • What are the length of the paddles? We only carry 3 foot paddles, but 4, 5 and 6 foot paddles can be purchased upon requests and additional charges will apply.

  • Can I get a paddle made in 2-3 days? Yes. A rush order charge will applied and shipping rates will be higher

  • Where do you ship to? We ship all around the world. Prices vary according to postal zip codes. DPO/APO times will be different based on pouch delivery times.

  • How can I pay for my paddles? We accept Venmo, Google Pay, USAA, NavyFed and Cash

  • How many paddles can be shipped at one time? Since we ship via USPS tube boxes, normally 2 paddles can be shipped to cut down costs. If you require more paddles at one time, then we will utilize a different size box and additional shipping fees may apply

  • Can I get a paddle painted? Yes. We can paint any paddle, logo you request. Additional charges will apply

  • If I want a specific coin or patch placed on the paddle, how can I get it to you? You can mail it to our mailing address located on the home page on the top right corner/

  • What if I want a coin embedded into the wood, but I don't want to send the coin, due to postage fees? That's okay, just send us a picture of the coin on a tape measure, we will cut the hole out and send the paddle off to you

  • Can you get ribbons, coins, patches? Yes. We have access to military installations. If a specific ribbon, coin or patch is not carried here in Texas, we will communicate that to you and figure out a solution.

Located in San Antonio, Texas

Paddle Plaques